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Your Career Academy to developing people is simple. Understand the “Human Factor” and how we all as individuals like to be developed through honesty, respect and dignity. We have taken 3 main headings and looked to deliver the “sweet spot” where People Development, Lean Processes and Technology meet to give true synergy.

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What are the benefits of goal setting? Well, perhaps you are someone who already carefully analyses your situation, sets your goals, then gets on with achieving them. Or, perhaps you agree that goal setting is a useful notion but never seem to get around to doing it. Perhaps worse still, you just don't see there are any benefits to be had in taking the time and effort to set goals. Why bother?, We think one way to motivate yourself to set goals is to think more closely about the benefits this activity may bring you. Here, to start you off, we suggest eight benefits of goal setting. Hopefully they may do three things. Firstly, they may help you to address the value of setting goals. Secondly, they may prompt you to take action. Finally, they may just help you to achieve your goals.

Eight Benefits of Goal Setting

After thinking about these you may come up with some of your own, but in the meanwhile, here are some of our thought provokers. Setting meaningful goals should bring:

1. Clearer Focus
2. Optimum Use of Resources
3. Effective Use of Time
4. Peace of Mind
5. Clarity to Decision Making
6. Easier Measurement of What You Do
7. More Freedom of Thought
8. Easier Communication with Others

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A competency framework describes organisational values in clear and essential performance terms/standards that employees can aspire to and managers can interpret.
Clearly described competencies provide transparent and objective criteria against which individuals may be assessed. A competency is described as a skill, knowledge and behavior that an individual needs to have or acquire in order to perform effectively in a given job, role or situation. As such, competencies are the inputs of an individual to demonstrable, measurable performance outputs known as competence.
A competency framework is a formalized method of defining each competency requirement for an individual to achieve competence in a job, role or situation. Aligning competence (i.e. the performance outputs) to organisational need is imperative when developing a competency framework to ensure that the right people are doing the right things in the right way for the organisation.

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Development Stream

Core benefits of personal development

Personal development is an often used but rarely explained term. It is about investing in yourself so that you can manage yourself effectively regardless of what life might bring your way. Personal development allows you to be proactive. Rather than wait for good things to happen, you get out there and make them happen. You may not always achieve your objective, but you will experience a richer and more rewarding life when you commit to pursuing your own objectives. Making that commitment to personal development is the first step on the path to personal fulfillment.

6 Benefits of personal development

The following are 6 of the most important benefits of a personal development mindset:

1. Self-awareness
2. A sense of direction
3. Improved focus and effectiveness
4. More motivation
5. Greater resilience
6. More fulfilling relationships

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Leader Board

If are you looking to increase your team’s productivity while improving morale in the business and fostering an environment of friendly, healthy competition? If you are, consider installing a leaderboard then YCA has the answer.
Gamification – the use of game thinking, game mechanics and competition to engage employees – increases in popularity, managers are testing different ways to introduce and implement it into their teams. Teams and employee’s are a naturally competitive – it’s part of what makes them great when they succeed. A leaderboard is the perfect outlet for this competition and a key feature of any gamification best practices.


Imagine having a ranking of your top employees displayed through YCA for all to see at all times of the day, everyday. As the month progresses, employees will battle it out to see who will finish the month strongly as the number one ranking employee, Employees in the number one spot will be equal parts proud at their good work, while remaining motivated each day to remain in the number one spot. More importantly, underperforming employees will be motivated to step their game up and break into the top so that they – and the rest of the office – can proudly see their name on the leaderboard.

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Convenient Hours

An online library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No longer do you have to be logged into the company system or struggle to find the form or procedure you need.

Access from Anywhere

An online library can be accessed anywhere in the world by anyone with a computer. Users of an online library aren't confined to a set geographical area, which means that the library can serve countless more people--basically, anyone who has a computer, Internet access  for the online library can take advantage of its many offerings.

Multiple Users

Procedures, articles etc. in an online library can be checked out by multiple users at the same time. With an online library, digital copies of all your forms, procedures can be checked out by numerous people at once.


Today’s workplace moves faster, demands more, and waits for no one. If you want your new employee to hit the ground running, you’ve got to provide them with the tools, education, and info they need to be productive right from the start. The best way to do that? YCA’s comprehensive onboarding program.

Onboarding: Much More Than “New Hire Orientation”

For most new employees, starting a job feels a lot like the first day of school: they’re excited, maybe a little anxious, and eager to make a difference in their new organisation. But before they jump in, they’ve got to understand what it takes to succeed. That’s where an effective onboarding programme comes into the picture. Good onboarding programmes educate and engage employees so they become productive members of your organisation. What are the other benefits of a good onboarding programme? Keep reading to find out.

A good onboarding programme helps you…

59% of HR professionals think that the next few years will bring a major battle to retain talented and top-performing candidates. While it’s easy to match perks and salary, it’s much harder to deliver on the intangible reasons why employees stick around, like good rapport with managers and thriving company culture.

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