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How to Motivate your Sales Team ( 2 day course)

Ok – so you are the Sales Team Manager

Does your team perform for you at all times?

This two day programme looks at the key motivation strategies needed to put your Sales Team at the top of their game and how you can keep them there.

Have you lost your best Sales Person to the competition before? If so, you need to come on this workshop.

Suitable for:
New or existing Sales Managers who need the EDGE or who have lost direction.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Do you know each member of your team well enough to be able to motivate them to the next level?

• Learn the core skills needed to Train and Coach your own team

• Positive – Positive – Positive – we look at the key thought processes needed for you to help your team
achieve its goals

• Develop your team so that they are self managing and allow you time to work on the bigger picture

• Social Styles – do you communicate effectively all the time? Do you come across in the correct manner in
every given situation?

• Become a Sales Manager of distinction

• Summary & action plans agreed


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