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5S Training - Lean Manufacturing House Keeping

5S training leads to a cleaner, safer and more orderly work environment where the layout facilitates effective working methods

5S is a set of techniques providing a standard approach to housekeeping within Lean Manufacturing.

It is often promoted as being far more than simply housekeeping and some of the elements described below
certainly have broader implications.

A cornerstone of 5S is that untidy, cluttered work areas are not productive.

Suitable for:
Anybody who needs a more productive working environment.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Introduction to 5S

• Benefits of 5S

• 1S: Simplify – red tagging, removing unnecessary items

• 2S: Straighten – determining equipment requirements, equipment layout, storage methods, visual

• 3S: Scrub – general cleaning, cleaning as part of equipment inspection and preventative maintenance

• 4S: Stabilise – activity planning and resourcing, developing procedures, training

• 5S: Sustain – auditing, maintaining and improving standards through a kaizen approach, implementation
plan development

• Summary & action plans agreed


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