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Resolving Conflict

Conflict management skills are a key tool that every manager needs in today’s fast-paced business environment

Conflict and disagreement can be a huge barrier to getting things done. People have different views and regardless of which view is right, if people dig their heels in you can end up at stalemate.

Don’t let conflict stress you – it can be a positive. This session looks at ways in which you can positively manage conflict, helps you weigh up all the options rationally and come up with the approach that works and delivers the best outcome.

Suitable for:
Any manager or key employee who has to deal with conflict on a regular basis.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• What is conflict? – definition, costs of conflict, benefits, 4 possible outcomes, conflict types, causes

• Ways of resolving conflict – 3 strategies, resolution styles, levels of conflict

• Conflict and psychological difficulties – coping strategies, distorted thinking, the agreement box

• Negotiation

• Personality types and conflict – comparisons of personality types

• Conflict resolution process

• Conflict and third party interventions

• Team conflict – conflict in teams

• Bullying and harassment

• Summary & action plans agreed


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