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Delegation & Empowerment

Do your teams do what you ask of them at all times?

If not, this one day workshop is a must as it will free up your time and help create an empowered environment

This course will look at the advantages of effective delegation from the viewpoint of the organisation, the person delegating and the person accepting delegation.

You will understand the barriers to effective delegation, see how planning plays a key role and even how to
use delegation as a motivator for your staff.

Suitable for:
Any manager who can’t delegate effectively.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Introduction
• Speed delegation
• Speed delegation points for emphasis
• Determine elements of an empowering work environment
• Identify steps for successful delegation
• Recognise the importance of work climate and trust when delegating tasks
• Recognise manager characteristics that increase the success of delegation
• Putting delegation into action
• Delegation one step at a time
• Difficulties with delegation
• What should I delegate?
• Job delegation plan
• Summary & action plans agreed


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