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Developing a Positive Mental Attitude

‘Attitude is everything’

We all have internal conversations with ourselves. I can’t do that, it won’t work if I do it, I couldn’t talk to them etc… You’re right though it’s often a self fulfilling prophesy, you think you can’t so you don’t etc…

This workshop helps with focus techniques to change those tunes playing in your head to, I can and yes, the self fulfilling prophecy helps again to ensure it happens - "I can so I will”.

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Suitable for:
Delegates who need to be able to develop belief in themselves to succeed.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Attitude is just a state of mind. Let us help you to get it right
• Delegates will use video and an interactive game to challenge their perceptions
• They will construct inner dialogue maps and use top tips to construct a personal attitude plan


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