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Relationship Marketing (2 Day Course)

Business is built on relationships and it is all about who you know and not what you know

Relationship Marketing is about adjusting your marketing strategy based on the buying behaviour of your customers.

We look at different marketing theories and as a result, we review your current marketing activity and put together a marketing plan based on a combination of approaches.

Suitable for:
Anyone involved in maximising business opportunities with existing and potential clients.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Gain knowledge of marketing principles and ideas to make the most effective use of marketing support/materials
• Understand the importance of relationship marketing and the life time value of customers
• Understand the buying behaviour of organisations
• Review current marketing activity and discuss ways to maximise impact
• Theories of marketing
• Strategic marketing options and what is relationship marketing?
• The importance of relationship marketing
• The marketing mix
• Interpersonal v personal marketing
• Organisational buying behaviour
• Developing relationships with the five types of group decision makers and using the SOSTT + 4Ms effectively
• Ways of measuring effectiveness of different marketing options
• Summary & action plans agreed


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