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Delivering Results and Managing Accountability (2 Day Course)

Recent findings from the Results Driven Group’s clients are indicating that if an organisation’s focus is on developing a culture of personal accountability amongst its workers then productivity gains can be significant in any work environment in the public, private or third sectors

2 Day Open Course in London

Awaiting details of next course.

Suitable for:
Managers who need to develop an accountable team, department or organisation.

The Programme Topic Areas are:

• What is accountability? – a definition, how the approach has changed
• How accountable is your team/department/organisation currently?
• Developing an accountable culture?
• Accountability and performance improvement
• How a lack of accountability can have negative effects on performance management
• Leading for performance: * The results driven leadership model; * The results driven accountability questionnaire to analyse your competencies; * Accountability trios; * How to create the right work climate and how to manage your leadership performance

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Accountability development skills: * Delegating; * Coaching; * Dealing with poor performance; * Motivating and empowering
• The performance management process: * Delivering a motivational performance reviews; * Objective setting for results and measuring performance
• Creating high performing teams: * The importance of teamwork; * Why it can fail; * Stages of team development, * Team working skills assessment to analyse your team’s performance; * Working with teams
• How to motivate staff to embrace initiatives and take responsibility for their actions
• How to encourage staff to be critical over their own work ethic
• Bringing it all together – ROI action plan
• 3Cs ending
• Summary & action plans agreed


Team Building

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