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Leading Successful Teams in Schools

Learning Outcomes
• Different types of leadership styles - pros and cons
• Recognise your own leadership style and its impact on others
• How do people perceive you and your leadership/management style
• Identifying team strengths and dynamics and how to address development areas and raise these diplomatically and supportively
• How poor people management can impact on individuals and teams - morale, sickness absence, stress, grievances, harassment/bullying claims
• How to raise difficult issues (eg underperformance, concerns) compassionately and sensitively
• How to communicate more effectively and get team to buy in
• General tips for good people managers: cover making notes of meetings
• How to motivate and inspire staff - identify how staff tick

Suitable for:
Middle managers and aspiring people managers.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Leadership skills assessment – how good am I?
• Understand how to use the results driven situational leadership model and change your leadership style to any given situation
• Practical models of leadership and their application
• Understand the power of situational leadership and how to apply these tools to the leadership of your team on a day to day basis
• Team working skills assessment - how good am I?
• Practical models of motivation and their application
• Understand the power of motivation and implementing a motivation strategy for your team
• Inspire and motivate others to deliver their full potential
• Communication skills assessment - how good am I?
• Understanding social styles and matching your communication style
• What style are you?
• Using rapport to gain the upper hand
• Assertiveness, tips tools and techniques
• Using the results driven LIP feedback model
• Review of the day and summary and action plans agreed


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