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Advanced Closing Skills

Now is the time to go the next level to maintain market share; you will have to pitch harder than ever before to retain existing business and gain new customers – the credit crunch is an opportunity

This programme introduces advanced methods of closing the sale. Field-proven to increase a salesperson's ability to close, the concepts presented in this course give participants a strategy and tactical plan on how to convert a non-user of their product or service to an advocate.

Introducing over five psychological influencers, participants are taught how to trigger positive responses from the customer that will enable them to obtain a closing success ratio as high as 65%.

Presenting an assertive approach to the marketplace, our tested methods provide a benchmark of best practices, methods of measurement to qualify the customer's true interest level and the skills required to close on every call.

Suitable for:
The programme is aimed at the more experienced sales professional who needs to know how to use the core skills of influence and NLP to close the deal.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Identify difficulties and road blocks before they become harmful
• Recognise and respond to buying signals
• Gain commitment to action
• Gain the proper perspective and pre-requisites for closing
• Conduct a summary to secure commitment to change
• Avoid improper closing methods
• Apply advanced closing triggers
• Create a pre and post-call sales plan for closing
• Identify areas for commitment
• Summary and action plans agreed


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