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Report Writing Skills

This course will benefit anyone in business who has to put together concise, complex and detailed reports

* Understand and apply the principles of effective writing
* Choose an appropriate style of writing to suit the message
* Produce written documents that are clear, concise, professional and get the message across
* Save time through improved writing skills

Suitable for:
This course is for those who need to improve their report writing skills and who want to master this important business skill and increase their confidence.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Planning and preparation - identifying the purpose - the fundamental questions, establishing the objective, constructing an outline & planning the time
• Structure and layout - formats, models of structure - formal and less formal, sequence and headings, organising your writing, use of space and charts & diagrams
• Readability - brevity, fog index & active writing
• Language and style - connecting with your reader & positive and precise
• Putting into practice
• Summary and action plans agreed


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