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Communication Skills

In 95% of businesses, lack of communication is the main issue that causes problems

Through this practical one day workshop, we will ease the communication burden

The session will examine physical and vocal presence, and will equip participants with tools to communicate more effectively in a variety of situations such as: giving a presentation; staff briefings; attending meetings; networking events; interviews and appraisals and general personal development.

Suitable for:
Anyone who needs to communicate with impact.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
Voice and Physicality
• Establish the basic link between breath, thought and voice
• Examine posture, body language and how it affects presence and impact
• Learn relaxation techniques to help you when you are communicating
• Practise articulation exercises to improve the clarity of your speech
• Discover methods to increase your personal development
Making an Impact
• Develop an open style which portrays confidence and authority
• Practise making an entrance and holding an audience’s attention
• Learn how to better engage an audience
• Discover how the use of tone, the pause and emphasis improve communication skills
• Develop your own style of personal impact to further increase your own personal development
• Summary and action plans agreed


Team Building

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