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Team Building for Managers (2 Day Course)

Once developed and understood, this skill set can make management easier for life!

Being able to develop your team is a fundamental skill needed to be an effective manager. Come on this two day interactive programme and find out more.

Suitable for:
Team Leaders, Supervisors or Managers who manage teams.

The Programme Topic Areas are:

The Benefits of Team Dynamics
• All aboard - member buy-in
• Ownership = Accountability
• “That’s a new way to look at it”
The Dysfunctional Team
• Overcoming the initial resistance/disinterest
• Lack of purpose
• Lack of direction
Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities
• Identifying the team leader
• Team objectives
• Individual accountabilities
• Shared accountabilities

The Programme Topic Areas are:

The 7 Non-Negotiable Rules of Our Team
• Coaching in a team environment
• Coach versus judge mentality
• True empowerment is not just a catchy phrase
• Capitalising on member talents & strengths
• Placing members in a position to win (or lose)
Team Conflict – It’s Not Always Bad
• Assertive versus aggressive language
• You versus I statements
Coping With Difficult Team Members
• The negative team member
• Passive team member
• Unmotivated team member
• Over-agreeable team member
• Systematic decision making
• The benefits of brainstorming
Mapping the Process
• Frame the problem
• Identify the options
• Consider the consequences
• Implement the solution
• Summary and action plans agreed


Team Building

Keswick Country Cottages
Team Building courses are held at our own properties in Keswick, click the image above for more details.
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