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Coaching Skills

This effective one day workshop will give you the core skills needed to help the people in your business reach their goals through solution based coaching.

Coaching is a rectification of skills and knowledge for people who want to improve their game in an industry where it is important to keep up.

With fewer management layers, it is essential that business coaches or managers are effective in delegation and empowerment. These skills, together with the ability to develop the performance of individuals in their team, are an important feature of the course.

Suitable for:
Anyone who has to undertake coaching as part of their role at work.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Understand the role and practice the skills of an effective coach
• Appreciate the benefits of managing from a coaching perspective
• Build rapport and create a development environment
• Define preferred learning styles - understand how people learn
• Avoid barriers to learning
• Assess individual needs
• Give appropriate feedback without disempowering staff
• Handle resistance to constructive criticism
• Use effective probing and questioning
• Set effective action plans


Team Building

Keswick Country Cottages
Team Building courses are held at our own properties in Keswick, click the image above for more details.
Recent images from our open residential and team development courses in Keswick, Cumbria