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Adapting to a Changing Environment in the Public or Private Sectors

Adapting to a changing environment in the public or private sectors

Changing the way in which we think - adopting a positive mindset to be able to deal effectively with change.

How to change our behaviour and adopt a winning performance methodology.

How do we make the most of our current skillset and then adapt it to changing circumstances? – reflecting on our experience and turning it into action.

Career planning - what can be achieved - making the right chess moves.

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Suitable for:
Delegates who are about to change their job role to either another job in the public sector or a new role in the private sector.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
Topic areas:

• Reflecting on the past to be successful in the future

• Adopting the attitude and mindset to succeed

• Undertaking a skills scan of our lives - where have we gained experience?

• Adapting to ever-changing environments

• Changing our communication styles to deal with different audiences

• Self coaching - ‘Think it - Believe it - Do it’


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