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EI as a Strategy for Leadership (2 day course)

This practical workshop will help leaders explore and evaluate how their own beliefs and values can contribute
to an effective leadership approach

In the business world, intellect has proven invaluable in driving success, by enabling managers to make financial decisions based on analytical details, sound strategies based on facts and data, and processes and procedures based on review and analysis. However, to get to the next and higher level of competence in business, leaders must be able to blend intellect with the invaluable competencies of EI. This workshop will help leaders to discover their core purpose and vision as it relates to being a leader.

Suitable for:
Leaders who want to explore and evaluate which beliefs and values contribute to their leadership approach.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• What is emotional intelligence and the connection between behaviour, feelings, and performance

• How emotions are an integral part of everyone’s work experience and are significantly influenced by the leader

• How emotions impact on productivity and quality

• Discover how and why a leader should find reasons to express gratitude in order to influence and develop co-operation in the workplace

• How a leader identifies their emotions in the workplace and the impact this has on their team

• Develop guidelines for expressing emotions that contribute to the overall productivity and quality of the team

• Explore their fundamental beliefs and values about leadership that drive their workplace behaviour

• Evaluate which beliefs and values contribute positively and negatively to their leadership approach

• Introduce the process of the leader being their own self-coach in the development of EI

• Summary & action plans agreed


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