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Selling Yourself, Your Projects and Your Ideas

How to get your ideas and plans accepted and adopted.

In your role, do you find yourself having to ‘sell’ ideas, projects and yourself? Although the skill of ‘selling’ each time you present an idea or a project, or indeed apply for a new position, you are in fact ‘selling’, and there is an increasing need to influence and persuade others to accept you and your ideas!

This workshop is designed for anyone who needs to sell and convince colleagues, customers, departments and others about projects, ideas or plans in a thoroughly professional manner.

Using a clear four-stage sales process, backed up with a professional, consultative approach you will learn how to sell your plans, projects and ideas so that they are more easily accepted and adopted.

Suitable for:
Those of all levels who want to understand how they can use the skill of selling at work.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Context setting
• Introduction to the 4-stage sales process
• Stage 1: Preparation and research
• Stage 2: Understanding the needs of colleagues and customers
• Stage 3: Developing and proposing your ideas/solutions to address needs
• Stage 4: Getting commitment to your ideas and projects
• Action planning - 5-point action plan for your current sales situation


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