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Executive/Professional Coach Training (7 day course)

This programme has the same content as our masters’ level programme but is aimed at the busy middle/senior manager who does not have the time to commit to assignment production.

This programme will allow you to develop the core skills, qualities and attributes needed to become an executive/professional coach with your own organisation.

Suitable for:
Middle/Senior managers who need to develop the skills of the executive/professional coach.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Day 1 - Assessing your mentoring style; Understanding the coaching relationship; How coaching fits into management models; Baseline assessment

• Day 2 - Coaching contracts; The Grow model; Questioning techniques; Practical coaching; Coaching competencies

• Day 3 - Diversity and the coaching relationship; The Coaching Circle model; The Rule of Three model; Models to ‘take a breath’; Practical coaching

• Day 4 - Social Styles and the coaching relationship; Perceptual positioning model; Precision model; Practical Coaching; Suggestion maps

• Day 5 - Evaluating the coaching; Coaching through change; Logical levels model; Practical coaching

• Day 6 - Team coaching; Models of feedback to use during the coaching sessions; Practical coaching

• Day 7 - ROI evaluation day


Team Building

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Team Building courses are held at our own properties in Keswick, click the image above for more details.
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