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Developing an Effective Coaching Strategy (2 day course)

+ another 2 days training in ROI if required

This course is critical for you if you want to ensure that you are getting a positive return on investment in the delivery of coaching within your organisation.

Even more important is the improvement in performance and confidence of your colleagues who are being coached, as an effective coaching strategy will ensure talent retention. Development and management are at the top of the agenda

Also you will have a quality system in place that will allow you to measure the actual impact that coaching has within the full organisational development function.

Suitable for:
Professionals who work in Organisational & Development (OD), Learning & Development (L&D), HR, Talent Development and Change Management or the people who are in charge of the L&D/OD function within the business.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Are we organisationally ready to implement a coaching strategy?
• Getting buy-in and then creating the right climate
• Linking your coaching strategy to business need
• How to use coaching to manage, develop & retain the talent within the business
• Linking your coaching strategy into business transformation

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Developing the leadership capability within the business to one that is facilitative, participative and consultative
• Using team coaching to enhance organisational performance
• Putting the correct documentation/processes in place
• Building your coaching team
• Growing your feedback loop to measure the impact of the coaching strategy through solid contracting
• Constant improvement and measuring the return on investment/return on expectation of the overall process
• Making sure your strategy is underpinned by regular 1-1 and group supervision
• Ensure that your Organisational Development and Coaching strategies are always aligned and are seen as a part of the overall people development process
• Summary & action plans agreed


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