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Setting Up Your Own Coaching Business (1 day course)

This is the question – There are 1000s of trained coaches out there, how many of them can utilise their skills and turn them into a successful business which can provide them with a good standard of living?

The answer - 1 in 500 if they are lucky.

The results driven approach to setting up your own coaching business.


"I can now add to my 'knowledge/skills' portfolio supporting my network to build a credible client base now I am Freelance! Chris knows his field!"

"Useful, inspiring and focused."

"I will now update online content, line up work, more business development and marketing. It wil impact and increase tenfold. Have an open mind and feel positive about how you can take things forward in your career."

"I will become more proactive and better at selling myself. Very responsive to need of participants and extremely knowledgeable."

Suitable for:
Qualified coaches who want to make a difference and make a living from coaching.

Testimonials (Continued):

"I will expand activities with a new knowledge base. Good for role modelling and expanding the coaching business. A good way of highlighting the key elements of developing the business."

"Very effective in the current climate. It was a very useful course with ideas that I can pursue and take forward."

"Powerful. A lot of information was presented and I would need time to implement them. Invaluable insights + experience provided!"

"My new knowledge will be used to consolidate the business. It will enhance our development strategy and implementation. Triggers immediate Business Needs Analysis, revise our Marketing and Fundraising Strategy to promote growth."

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Setting up in business – the fundamentals
• Define your market differential
• What sets you out from the crowd?
• Starting out like you mean to succeed
• Where is your market place?
• Networking in the right places
• How to market yourself in the business community
• Accessing public money to help grow your business
• Using partnerships to grow your business
• Building believability and credibility as an executive coach
• Measuring your success
• Referral based marketing
• Growing your client base
• Expanding your portfolio of skills to increase your marketability
• Using innovation and creativity to expand your business
• Summary & action plans agreed


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