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Confidence at Work

50 techniques for building supreme self-confidence.

What gives some people supreme self-confidence? How do they manage to deal with difficult situations with apparent ease? How do they maintain such high self-esteem? In this fascinating and highly motivational workshop you’ll learn the tricks and techniques of building and maintaining great self-confidence, appearing confident (even if you’re not) and taking back control. As you appear more confident, so you’ll find others treating you differently, new doors opening and a new sense of enjoyment of working and social life emerging.

Suitable for:
Anyone who wants to develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• The emotional loop – from vicious circle to virtuous circle
• Getting back your self-esteem
• Enhancing your personal power
• Dealing with different types of difficult people – recognising and managing types of difficult behaviour
• Meetings and greetings – creating the right first impression; using your voice; making what you do sound interesting
• Standing your ground: saying NO – exploring the joys of saying NO with confidence
• Patterns of behaviour – aggressive, passive and assertive traits; learning to be assertive
• 50 confidence-building techniques – including instant calm; controlling others’ emotional state; preventing intimidation by others, without uttering a word; calming the inner voice; finding and using other people’s hot buttons; personal action planning and next steps
• Summary & action plans agreed


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