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Winning People Over

How to win people over to your way.

In this highly intensive, interactive and fun workshop you'll learn how to win people over (whether it’s colleagues, clients or your boss) in any situation including meetings, negotiations and presentations.

Suitable for:
Anyone who wants to learn how to win people over to your way.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Winning people over - discovering what you know about the power of winning people over; how to build rapport in an instant; spotting the difference between genuine and disingenuous charm
• Meetings and greetings - it's not (only) what you say; debunking the myths of body language; how to "read" people for real
• Winning people over with the language of influence - choosing the right words and tone to charm the birds out of the trees; persuasive language patterns (what they are and how to craft them); managing "awkward" people and situations
• Winning people over in presentations: both formal and informal - winning people over in small group or meeting situations; winning people over presenting to larger groups
• Negotiating your way at work - “water-cooler moments” (handling the small, everyday negotiations with colleagues at work); negotiating the bigger issues; charming ways to reach the outcome that you want
• Summary & action plans agreed


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