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Motivate to Win

Great motivation techniques for yourself and others.

Motivation is a habit, and a great one to have. Pressure of change can be used to harness and support individual and team motivation if you already behave in ways that inspire, energise and motivate. But it's also easy for teams to become demotivated, leading to low morale, poor performance, inconsistent communication and ultimately stress and confusion.

This one-day interactive workshop will help you develop motivational habits, for yourself, your team and organisation.

Suitable for:
Anyone who wants to develop motivational habits for themselves, their team and their organisation.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• What motivates you and others? – exploring motivation; understanding satisfiers and dissatisfiers; motivation as a habit, motivation as a theory; everlasting motivation? Creating and keeping a virtuous circle; generating the foundations for motivation, defining well-formed outcomes
• Vision, values and beliefs – building the vision; defining key drivers; establishing common purpose; understanding self-talk, values and beliefs; recognising convergent and divergent values and behaviours
• Thinking positive – why 55,000 words won’t help; the power of positive affirmation; developing positive states of mind; seeing, hearing and feeling the difference; affirmations, inspiration, goal setting and SMARTER objectives

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Maintaining motivation in you (and in others) – personality types; mind, body and spirit; holistic feedback; meta-programmes; the power of praise
• Stress and negativity – exploring negativity; the impact of stress; from stress to success; stress assessment tools; top tips to destroy motivation
• Engaging others – 52 confidence builders; communications that motivate; generating urgency and impetus; if they build it they’re already there!; every little helps, feeding back the positives
• The impact of change – the domino effect; creative strategies that motivate; making opportunities out of obstacles; a case study of successful organisational change; acceptors and resistors, choice and consequence
• Mastering motivation - discipline and freedom; strategies and frameworks; setting personal action plans; 7 tips for highly effective motivators; adopting and adapting your new habit
• Summary & action plans agreed


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