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Liberating Leadership (2 Day Residential Course)

Help, coach, counsel, teach, empower and ultimately inspire your people through this leadership course.

This intensive residential leadership course is about harnessing the forces in today’s economy to your personal advantage, aligning your purpose, vision and values to drive forward organisational progress with you at the helm. It’s about being a leader and an inspiration rather than just a manager. This leadership training teaches you how to identify your vision, clearly and consistently communicate it to your people and then enable and inspire them to achieve it for you.

Suitable for:
Ambitious managers who want to become leaders, managers who are tired of only having time to spin plates or to put out fires, those who realise that achievement comes through other people, not in spite of them.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• The difference between management and leadership - leadership theory and leadership myths; the essential qualities of a natural leader; know why leaders fail and use that knowledge to ensure your success
• Develop your leadership potential - adapt appropriate leadership styles to the requirements of the situation; realise obstacles to leadership development and learn to combat them; nurture a set of values within your team and decide your ‘ultimate leadership goal’
• Be a dynamic leader - empower your people (seven reasons why people will follow you); discern what motivates people at the deepest level, and communicate the essentials; determine your purpose and vision, and stick to them; the content of this course will rest on practical exercises to firstly assess your inherent leadership characteristics and secondly develop these characteristics to fulfil your true potential
• Summary & action plans agreed


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