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Delivering More for Less

Understanding and applying ‘Lean’ principles in the civil service and public sector

‘Lean’ is a system that helps to make the activities, people and resources that are applied to a process as efficient and effective as possible, by eradicating waste and activity that does not add value to the process.

With all areas of the civil service and wider public sector coming under closer scrutiny, ‘Lean’ principles can be used to help deliver more effective and sustainable services, without using traditional cost-cutting measures that can damage services.

This interactive workshop will enable anyone to understand how they can achieve more for less using ‘Lean’ and accomplish long-term sustainable improvements for their organisation.

Suitable for:
Anyone who is involved in delivering public services and needs to achieve more for less, and would like to gain an understanding of how Lean can help. In particular:

• Civil servants and public sector employees
• Agency and non-departmental public body staff
• Local government representatives

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• The Lean way – a tutor-led session with interactive exercises covering: Lean rumours and myths; origins of Lean; what is Lean Thinking?; the Lean Model

• Why is Lean different? – this session will be a mixture of tutor led presentations on the theory of Lean combined with interactive exercises covering: Kaizen; organisational culture; the emotional cycle of change; sustain and scale-up; managing resistance to change

• Applying Lean tools – this session will be a mixture of tutor led presentations on Lean tools and techniques combined with interactive exercises covering:

? Waste and value - The 7 wastes of Lean; Value stream mapping; No errors forward)
? Customer-focused improvements - Voice of the customer; One piece flow (Just in time; Pull systems; Take time); Standardised work; Problem solving
? Visual management - Information centres; 5S; Master schedules; RACI)

• Summary & action plans agreed


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