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First Aid at Work

Course Aim:

To give instruction in the procedures required in the event of person(s) taken ill or injured in the workplace

By the end of the course students should be able to:

1. Know the action to take in an emergency situation
2. Know and demonstrate basic life saving techniques
3. Diagnose and deal with injury and illness in the workplace

Suitable for:
First Aiders in the workplace

The Programme Topic Areas are:

Day 1 - Morning Session
Aims:: To cover administration procedures and course overview; To cover the duties of a first aider; To cover respiration and hypoxia
General Objectives: • Know the requirements of the first aid at work course • Appreciate the responsibilities and duties of a first aider • Understand the respiratory system • Know how to deal with unconsciousness • Demonstrate recovery position • Know how to preserve life • Perform a top to toe survey

Day 1 - Afternoon Session
Aims: To cover circulation system; To cover circulation disorders; To cover CPR
General Objectives: • Identify heart attacks • Recognise shock • Recognise anaphylaxis • Know how to preserve life • Know the resuscitation procedure

The Programme Topic Areas are:
Day 2 - Morning Session
Aims: To complete progress test; To review previous day content; To cover available equipment; To cover wounds and bleeding
General Objectives: • Know the contents of a first aid kit • Know how to control bleeding

Day 2 - Afternoon Session
Aims: To cover burns and scalds; To cover poisons; To cover major illnesses
General Objectives: • Appreciate the causes and types of burns • Recognise different kinds of poisoning • Recognise major illnesses

Day 3 - Morning Session
Aims: To cover the types of fractures; To cover individual fractures
General Objectives: • Know the types of fractures • Know the causes of fractures Know how to treat individual fractures

Day 3 - afternoon session
Aims: To complete the first aid examinations


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