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Safe Entry into Medium Risk Confined Spaces

Course aim:
To cover the knowledge and skills required to work safely in a medium risk confined space

At the end of this course students should be able to:

1. List work environments that may be classed as being a confined space
2. Describe common hazards associated with working in medium risk confined spaces
3. Identify relevant equipment that may be utilised when working in a medium risk confined space
4. Demonstrate relevant checks on relevant equipment used for working in medium risk confined spaces
5. Demonstrate correct procedures for entry/exit of medium risk confined spaces
6. Demonstrate correct procedure to be adopted should an emergency situation arise within the confined space

Suitable for:
• Inform students of Training Centre Health & Safety issues
• Personal expectations
• Explain course content and assessments
• Suitability of candidate

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• What is/classification of confined spaces/confined spaces for water industry • Risks/examples of risks associated with medium risk confined spaces • Hazards/examples of hazards associated with medium risk confined spaces • The purpose of a range of equipment used when working in a confined space • Demonstrate relevant checks on equipment used when working in confined space • Composition of air • Effects of reduced oxygen content on the human body • Advantages limitations of equipment provided for self-rescue from confined spaces • Paperwork associated with confined spaces • Isolation/entry/exit procedure for medium risk confined spaces • Specific gravity definition • Barometric pressure definition • Gases produced/found in confined spaces • Detecting gases using multi-gas analyser/interpret/respond to results/detector poisoning • Emergency arrangements • Written assessment • Evaluation • Practical examination


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