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Safe Entry into Low Risk Confined Spaces

Course Aim:
To cover entering and working safely in low risk confined spaces

At the end of this course students should be able to:

1. Identify work environments that are low risk confined spaces
2. Describe common hazards associated with working in low risk confined spaces
3. Demonstrate relevant checks on equipment used for working in low risk confined spaces
4. Explain good practice(s) to be adopted for lone workers operating in low risk confined spaces
5. Demonstrate correct procedures for entry/exit of low risk confined spaces
6. Respond effectively should an emergency situation arise within a low risk confined space

Suitable for:
• Inform students of Training Centre Health & Safety issues
• Personal expectations
• Explain course content and assessments
• Suitability of candidate

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• What is a confined space? • What is a specified risk? • Examples of and hazards associated with low risk confined spaces • Factors which may render the atmosphere within a confined space hostile to those working within them/means of detection • Classification of confined spaces for water industry • NOS for confined spaces • Brief into to risk assessment • Factors to consider when working in confined spaces • Safe systems of work • Permit to work • Equipment associated with working in low risk confined spaces • Visual inspections/charging equipment • The atmosphere • Specific gravity - definition • Barometric pressure definition • Gases produced/found in confined spaces • Pre-use checks on gas monitoring and communication equipment • Lone workers in low risk confined spaces • Entry/exit procedures for low risk confined spaces • Deal with emergencies within low risk confined spaces


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