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Fire Awareness, including the Safe Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers Course

Course Aims:
1. To cover the common classes of fire
2. To cover the safe operation of a portable fire extinguisher

At the end of this course students should be able to:

1. State the three elements that comprise the fire triangle
2. Explain the three principal ways in which a fire spreads
3. Define the five classes of fire
4. Select appropriate portable fire extinguisher to use on correct class of fire
5. Demonstrate how to approach a fire safely
6. Demonstrate correctly how to operate the portable fire extinguisher

Suitable for:

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Introduction
• Health & safety arrangements
• Registration
• Ice breaker
• Assess prior learning
• Triangle of combustion/relevance
• Identifying/controlling fuel and heat
• How fires spread
• How fires start/spread
• Classification of fire
• Types of portable fire extinguisher
• Portable fire extinguisher selection
• How to operate a portable fire extinguisher
• Practical assessment
• Written assessment
• Complete course evaluation form WI-FM 63
• Summary


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