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NLP - 2 Day Course

A 2 day introduction to the art and science of communication

We will be exploring the basics and moving into a deeper understanding and other ideas with an Intermediate level.

NLP enables you to understand what makes you tick, how you think, how you feel, and to make sense of the world around you.

You will be developing a ‘toolbox’ of skills to enable you to go away and use, and be more effective, in your everyday, personal and business life.

Suitable for:
Anyone who wants to start and make a positive difference in everything they do.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
As well as looking at the basic elements of NLP we will be exploring:

• Understanding the language of words
• Understanding body language
• Understanding responses and what they mean
• Looking at personal targets, goals and dreams
• Understanding yourself and evaluating your current skills
• Evaluating how you can build and move forwards
• Being positive and its effects
• How to speak the language of others, to get your message across
• The language of the eyes
• Questioning to success
• Exploring the main pillars of NLP
• Taking charge of your life. Not changing the world, but changing the way you observe and perceive your world and giving you a map to help you become more effective
• Making sure your state of mind is well anchored in strength and stability
• Where are you on your Timeline, removing past limitations and moving forward. You can!
• Where to go on from what you have gained today


Team Building

Keswick Country Cottages
Team Building courses are held at our own properties in Keswick, click the image above for more details.
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