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Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Do you have to deal with difficult behaviour? Would it be good to be able to deal with awkward and problem behaviour quickly and easily?

Yes, staff, customers or managers can be difficult, negative, sometimes irrational or just plain awkward! Or are they intimidating or overwhelming or offhand in the way that they deal with you? This workshop will enable you to deal effectively and easily with the wide range of behaviours you can encounter on a daily basis.

This is an easily understood, yet powerful workshop that gives the skills and techniques to deal with difficult behaviours. Just half a day will show you how to deal with difficult behaviour quickly and easily

Suitable for:
Anyone who has to deal with awkward and problem behaviour and difficult people.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Learn the underpinning beliefs that produce all behaviour problems
• Understand the motivators for and the payoffs people get from their behaviour
• Understand why people behave differently in different situations
• Turn around behaviours that drain energy away from you
• Spot the initiation points for behaviours and learn to deal immediately with them
• Deal with aggression once and for all
• Identify and deal with behaviour problems before they happen
• What causes 'difficult' behaviour and how to manage it
• How people create problem behaviours in themselves and others before they even speak
• Spot manipulative behaviour and deal with it quickly and effectively
• Avoid upward delegation and ensure that you get the support you need
• Recognise 'black hole' behaviour that pulls you in and learn how to deal with it
• Learn how to say NO in an OK way
• Deal with depressing behaviour, learn to deflect despair, whinging and apathy


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