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Interpersonal Skills Training


Can you try and remember back to the last time you met someone you thought was a really good communicator?

Was it something about their voice? Their smile? The confidence they exuded? The way they stood maybe? Or was it a combination of all that and more?

And have you ever thought you'd really like to be able to communicate like that as well?

Suitable for:

Anyone who wishes to improve their interpersonal and communication skills.

The Programme Topic Areas are:

* Introduction
* Use your voice more effectively:
* Generate confidence through body language
* Present yourself successfully
* Styles of communication
* Learn the power of effective listening
* Review and action plan


Team Building

Keswick Country Cottages
Team Building courses are held at our own properties in Keswick, click the image above for more details.
Recent images from our open residential and team development courses in Keswick, Cumbria