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Environmental Awareness

The need for businesses to address environmental issues has never been greater

Concerns about global warming, decline of natural resources and pollution are growing, and legislation is becoming increasingly more active in forcing organisations to address their environmental performance.

By the end of the training, delegates will be able to:

* State the main environmental problems facing society
* State basic causes of environmental problems
* Understand the link between causes of environmental problems and daily life
* Understand requirements for the site to achieve environmental good practice
* Understand how they can contribute towards achieving site-wide environmental compliance, and contribute towards the global improvement

Suitable for:
Anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the main environmental issues that are relevant to their work, and their contribution in helping the company become more environmentally efficient.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
* Environmental issues (climate change, resource depletion etc)
* Understanding pollution (air, noise, land, water)
* Energy management
* Business and the environment
* Waste management
* Environmental Law
* Environmental Management (benefits, techniques etc)
* Summary & action plans agreed


Team Building

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