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Best Practice for Field Sales

Use the ‘critical hour’ to turn prospects into clients

This is about doing all the right things to influence the prospect in the limited time available in prospect meetings.

Gain a practical understanding of best practice selling; improve personal productivity, effectiveness and time
management; quick fixes and longer-term performance improvements; maximise your chances of achieving your sales objectives.

Suitable for:
New business field salespeople who need to learn or refresh their understanding of how to be as effective as possible when selling face-to-face with prospects.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Gain an understanding of all the key elements of best practice selling in face-to-face situations
• Preparing and researching appropriately, in order to accelerate your progress in prospect meetings
• Professional behaviour at the beginning and throughout the meetings to impress and make an impact with your prospects
• Truly understanding prospects' needs and effectively capturing vital information to use later in the sales cycle
• Promoting your solutions in a memorable way to raise and keep the prospect's interest
• Gaining commitment from the prospect and ensuring that you keep the momentum going
• Actions to help you apply the concepts to real prospects immediately
• Summary & action plans agreed


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