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Systems Development

Ben Woodthorpe has a background in systems analysis and design and is responsible for our Results Driven Systems Development services. A regional Step Award runner up, Ben has an Honours Degree in Information Systems Design.

He employs a fresh and personable approach and has designed, implemented and supported a diverse range of systems. Ben’s experience and ability to reduce seemingly complicated situations into bite sized chunks enables the client to take an active role in the process.

This collaborative approach to development ensures a system that is tailored to both the business requirements and the user needs ultimately resulting in an effective and accepted solution. A system should work for the business in harmony with both its users and requirements. However often enough, the reality of most implemented systems is that of compromise to requirements and discord amongst users.

This can result in a helpful tool becoming a hindering obstacle to success.

It is our belief that the answer is to develop a solution that remains true to the requirements of the business but with the full co-operation of the people who will ultimately use it. Issues that could normally surface long into the use of a system can be resolved at the start by adopting this method.

Users take ownership and develop a much deeper understanding of the system, which means there is less
chance of resistance to change. Although it can be argued that no two businesses are alike, we have strived to create a toolbox of customisable development objects which ensure the most efficient technical
implementation possible.

The disparate nature of the projects undertaken by Results Driven Systems supports a rich and diverse flow of ideas that are presented as solutions. Coupled with a proven track record in integrating systems and people, a Results Driven System can provide the answer you are looking for.


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