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CMI vs ILM - which one is right for me?

CMI or ILM - Compare the Qualifications

If you’ve ever considered doing a management qualification, you will certainly have come across the names ILM and CMI. As the UK’s principal management institutes, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and ILM both offer a range of professional services and qualification programmes geared towards equipping managers at all levels with the skills needed to excel and progress in their careers.

With independent research commissioned by the Consultative Committee for Professional Management Organisations (CCPMO) showing that individuals with professional qualifications earn an average of £152,000 more over the course of their careers, managers should be only too happy to have two such prestigious institutions to choose from for their development. But while this is certainly a blessing, it also complicates the already tricky process of picking a course even further.

So how should you choose between them?

We have outlined some key differences between the institutes and their qualifications to help you decide.

CMI or ILM - Compare the Qualifications | Click here to find out more


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