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Resilient Leadership Workshop (1 day course)

Developing the Resilient Leader

Leading effectively has never been easy, but in today’s world it has become more daunting than ever. Increasing complexity, unrelenting and accelerating change, 24/7 connectivity, and workforce globalisation are powerful forces that challenge even the most seasoned and skilled leader. Leaders we work with receive hundreds of emails daily, juggle competing and frequently shifting priorities that vie for their time and attention, and… see no end in sight.

On top of these constant daily pressures, many leaders are being asked to lead major change initiatives, address disruptive shifts in their businesses, and grow their companies while keeping costs down.

If leaders are to thrive in the midst of this chaos and lead their organisations into an uncertain future, they need a new, more effective, way of leading - one that enables them to sustain themselves and their organisations over time.

Suitable for:
Any leader who needs to become more resilient.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• What is resilience?
• The seven resilience factors
• The research behind resilience
• Realistic resilience
• How our thinking can make us resilient
• Who needs resilience?
• What do you want to work on?
• Making sense of your own resilience
• How resilient are you?
• Making sense of your resilience profile
• Developing your resilience
• Emotion regulation
• Impulse control
• Causal analysis
• Self-efficacy
• Realistic optimism
• Empathy
• Reaching out
• Everyday resilience
• Putting things into perspective
• Your resilience in the big events
• Next steps


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