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Talent Management

Are you successfully managing the talent that you currently have within your team?

Managing the various talent and potential levels within your organisation is a critical to the success of any manager.

Talent Management is a highly topical subject for all types of modern organisations. This one day course will introduce you to a wide variety tools and techniques to enable you to successfully manage the talent that you have within your team.

We will show you how to work with every-day, work-based challenges and to align your organisation’s strategy for managing talent and potential with the practical skills and knowledge you’ll learn on the course.

Suitable for:
Any manager who wishes to develop and nurture the talent and potential for those they manage. This course will suit a variety of backgrounds and levels from team leader to middle manager.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• The Talent Difference

• The Talent Web – five linked roles, the big questions

• Talent Spotter – definitions

• Talent Coach – harnessing the power of talent

• Talent Blender – ingredients for a talented team, co-operative or contributory teams, equal treatment,
interdependence, managing prima donnas, a long-term approach

• Talent Conductor – healthy beliefs, defining performance, talent profiler, track record, indicators of potential

• Talent Magnet – attract or repel, sticky recruitment, good recruitment practices

• Summary & action plans agreed


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