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Controlling Absenteeism

Poor productivity, performance and low moral all cost you money every day you don’t manage absenteeism effectively

This workshop gives you all of the tools, tips and techniques needed to effectively reduce absenteeism in your business and helps you understand the fundamental reasons why people go absent from work and how to reduce the costs associated with it.

Suitable for:
Anyone who has to deal with absenteeism on a regular basis in a professional capacity.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Introduction – definition, costs, measurement, theories of absence

• Causes of absence – the individual, the workplace, categories of absence

• The methods – management preliminaries, preparatory training, selection procedures, contractual opportunities, health matters, absence reporting, incentives, managing the process, trigger mechanisms, performance and promotion

• The legal bits – basic rights, dismissal for capability, dismissal for conduct

• Introducing absence control – measure, assess, prioritise, develop, introduce process cost saving techniques

• Summary & action plans agreed


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