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Telephone Skills

Talk yourself INTO business.

Would you prefer not to use the phone? Are you a ‘telephone reluctant?’

Marketing on the telephone is the first task to be delegated, when it should be the last. It is true that more appointments are made when you do your own telephoning and the quality of the appointment is measurably better.

Telephone training can make the difference and help you to be more successful and help you to actually enjoy picking up the phone.

The course looks at the different forms of communication and demonstrates how important it is to be fully competent on the telephone. The techniques discussed will improve call to appointment ratios, how easy it is to handle the difficult calls and handle any objection that is made.

This course has produced a positive and significant improvement for many businesses which is evidenced by the back-up support, follow-up and testimonials.

Suitable for:
Anyone who needs to communicate on the telephone, especially those on switchboard, reception, customer service units, call centres and help desks.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• Different forms of communication
• How calls are handled up until today
• What is telephone reluctance?
• Recording your success
• Photo album
• Handling objections
• Have fun and have a go!
• Summary & action plans agreed


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