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Sales and Marketing Strategy (2 day course)

This sales training course will help you increase your sales performance by aligning your sales and marketing strategy with your organisation’s overall strategic objectives

Do you understand the key benefits of aligning the sales & marketing strategy with organisational goals for sales performance?

Do you recognise how sales, customer service and marketing strategy can work in conjunction to achieve organisational goals?

Do you know what is involved in producing a sales and marketing strategy and a plan?

Do you know how to make these plans a reality rather than a paper exercise?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then this course is for you.

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Suitable for:
Sales Managers who want to get the sales function pulling in the same direction as the rest of the business, and who want to revitalise the formulation of the sales and marketing strategy to provide a structured path to achieve sales growth.

The Programme Topic Areas are:
• The successful sales manager

• Identifying what your organisation requires of you

• Confirming the company sales priorities

• Defining your remit and scope

• Aligning sales, customer service and marketing to achieve common goals

• Producing meaningful yearly sales plans

• Formulate a three year sales & marketing strategy

• Communicating your strategy

• Setting a compelling vision to mobilise sales performance

• Applying your strategy

• How to avoid putting the strategy ‘in the drawer’

• Top three tips to get back on-post to increase sales planning effectiveness in your organisation

• Summary & action plans agreed


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