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Corporate Team Building

We use high energy activities to create a sense of urgency and competition amongst teams on our training programmes which results in a more dynamic team that wants to make a difference when they return to the working environment. 

We all need to work more closely with our colleagues. Give your team a chance to see a better picture of each other away from the pressures of the office. We'll help them to understand the behaviours needed to be a world-class team. 

Results Driven Team Building can help your workforce to understand exactly what being in a team is all about. Your team will gain a trust and respect from each other that cannot be obtained from 9 till 5.

We develop teams from across the UK and unlike most companies we train teams all year round, indoors and outdoors

Results Driven Teambuilding has a different type of focus.

We find that a blend of indoor and outdoor activities helps to focus team development, dynamics and psychology

Our edge in this field is that we focus on talent development with a lot of teams, bringing out the creativity and innovation in teams that helps them transform the skills and knowledge gained on the programme into behaviour’s back at work post course

Return on investment.

100% of our team building activities are bespoke to client need, and can be linked to any type of development or issues back in the workplace, which often results in a positive ROI on the bottom line post course.

Post team building follow up.

Follow up is critical to successful knowledge transfer, we often recommend that the line managers of delegates on our teambuilding programmes are trained in performance coaching, follow this link to our 2 hour open bite-size performance coaching course.

If you would like us to facilitate and run your team building activity in Cumbria then please email us on or call Chris Goodwin on 0845 095 0587

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Keswick Country Cottages
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